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Miniclip Dirt Bike 3 Game
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Hobo Miniclip Game by ArmorGames
(Play count:4927)

Gangster Life
The objective of the game is to finish all the missions and
(Play count:6049)

Dirt Bike 3
The objective of this game is to reach the end of each level
(Play count:14796)

Under Construction 3
Use your LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to pick up and place the blocks.
(Play count:7222)

Election Incrimination
There is something dodgy going on in the Oval Office and the
(Play count:15189)

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The Wow Alliance Account

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Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles

article thumbnailThe Umbrella Chronicles is not merely mindless...
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Play Dirt Bike 3

The objective of this game is to reach the end of each level as quick as possible. There is some rough terrain so be careful when riding through the levels. Play Miniclip Dirt Bike 3

Play Dirt Bike 3 Play Dirt Bike 3

Peter Paranormal

Peter Paranormal is an average boy with average friends. But when his friends get kidnapped by the ghosts of Spook Manor, this average little boy does something...
Play Miniclip Peter Paranormal

Peter Paranormal Peter Paranormal

Burger Restaurant 2

Return to Burger Restaurant! Go global, this time with 3 new restaurants, new clients, and new meals!
Play Miniclip Burger Restaurant

Burger Restaurant 2 Burger Restaurant 2

The Sniper

It's the D-Day landings and you are a WWII Commando sniper that has parachuted into the battle-torn coast of Normandy.
Play Miniclip The Sniper Game

The Sniper The Sniper

World Domination 2

The biggest and best Turn Based Strategy Flash-game is BACK. This time you'll have even MORE ways of achieving World Domination. Spies, Diplomacy, Propaganda, or...Play Game World Domination 2

World Domination 2 World Domination 2
Snow and Sports Catalog Cheats for Miniclip Gamers
11/28/08 - Snow and Sports Catalog Cheats
By hellopayton
Hey penguins and miniclip gamers. Today a new Snow and Sports catalog came out. There’s not much, but hey, there’s never much in this little catalog. So, yeah, like normal, here are the hidden items. 1128081. Click those… things for the silver surfboard ...
Hellopayton's Miniclip Farm -
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Ending bonusesSuccessfully complete the game to...
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Freestyle Street Soccer

Cheat CodesIn Main menu go to "Extras" than...
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Mirrors Edge 2D

Mirrors Edge 2DBy The 2D flash version of the great...
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Golfish by GameZo

GolFishBy GameZo Hi Today i will be making a Post on the new Miniclip game...
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GolfishComplete this underwater course in the lowest number of
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